Call of Duty: Warzone alludes to nostalgia in its new special event

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Call of Duty: Warzone receives a new event for a limited time. The Flashback operation introduces players in a way that honors all these months in Verdansk. It will be the preparation for the city’s farewell to the arrival of Caldera, the map set in the Pacific.

How does Operation Flashback work in CoD Warzone?

The event functions as a special playlist focused on squads of up to four players. Verdansk’s version is from 1984, but the ingame activities will mix the views in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

Each start of a circle may trigger one of the following activities– Store Discounts, Prison Break, Supply Helicopters, Supply Drops, Ground Fall (satellites dropping), Hostile Fire (C4 on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza), Restock (supply crates reset across the map ), Resurgence (revive dead companions if there is at least one alive), Juggernaut Royale and an unreleased one.

The weapons that will appear on the map will be a wink to the most used models of its trajectory. Additionally, the vending stations offer sentry turrets, armed trucks, bombardments, and more. Some bunker cards will appear randomly across the map.

Camino a Vanguard

Vanguard integration will not disrupt progress you’ve done in the last nearly two years of combat, including operators, business cards, and more. Those responsible say that the arrival of the new game to the ecosystem will take place in the same way as with Black Ops Cold War. If you play any Call of Duty starting with Modern Warfare 2019, you will continue to progress through the content of the current battle pass and unlock content to use in Warzone.

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Remember that Vanguard players will be able to access the map on December 2. This exclusivity period will only last 24 hours: starting on December 3, it will be available to the entire Warzone community at no additional cost.

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