Call of Duty: Warzone is going to make a big playable change that leaves fans completely divided

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As the game moves to a new map, Call of Duty: Warzone is making some major changes to how classes work, and fans can’t agree on whether it’s better or worse for the game.

The new Call of Duty: Warzone map, Caldera, will bring with it a new tropical destination, new points of interest, and new changes to the way fans will play battle royale. While the full list of announced adjustments for the Battle Royale can be found in our full roundup, One feature that has left fans divided is the way classes will work in Warzone from now on.

There are two significant changes that will affect the equipment of the game. First, Players will only be able to use Call of Duty Vanguard weapons when customizing their weapon selections in Caldera. This means that the newer weapons (found in both Cold War and Modern Warfare) will not be available in their classes during matches.

While some players may feel that this offers a different stance than previous comments made by developers around in-game classes, Activision has explained their reasoning behind the change stating that it allows them “greater accessibility and space for experimentation.

Regardless of what you think about the change, this is an important factor in itself. Throughout the history of Battle Royale, the goal of the game has been a somewhat contentious topic. While it allows players to work towards leveling up certain weapons and getting the most out of their class experiences, the goal has also been known to “break” at times by offering periods where certain weapons vastly outperform any other available in the game.

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While more cynical gamers may point out that the changes could boost Vanguard’s sales, it’s certainly nice to see the developer consider the impacts of the Vanguard integration in a way that it perhaps didn’t when Cold War came on the scene.

Although the changes to the weapons available to players through their equipment may seem like a significant change in and of itself, has been much less divisive compared to the other big change that has been made.

As confirmed by Warzone Creative Director Ted Timmins, after the change to Caldera the equipment will only be available at the Buying Stations at the end of the first circle (about 5 minutes after the start of the game), which means that players will not be able to earn money and rush to the store immediately to buy their custom weapons. During Warzone’s limited-time event, Operation Flashback, a similar change was tested in the game, with mixed responses from the community.

Equipment is almost always a big factor in winning at Warzone, and news of the change appears to have divided its player base. “This was the worst part of the flashback operation. I hope this change is quickly reversed once people realize that it is not [una] innovation, but a limitation“Said a fan who opposed the change in Twitter, while others They argued that it could ruin the game completely.

The fact that players cannot buy their equipment early in the game will certainly change the tactical perspective. This not only encourages people to increase their movement to find better “ground loot” weapons around the map, but It could also help create a greater variety between the weapons used in the game..

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Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Map Will Be Available to Everyone on December 9, although players who own Call of Duty: Vanguard will be able to access the map 24 hours before. If you want to know all the changes and news that it will have, take a look at our summary article.

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