Calviño insists that Spain will be “one of the engines of recovery in 2022” in Europe

Nadia Calvin, Vice President of Economic Affairs, insisted this Saturday that Spain will be “one of the engines of recovery in 2022” in Europe, despite the fact that different international organizations have lowered their growth forecasts for Spain this year and next. Calviño, who has participated with a video in an economic meeting in Gerona, has indicated that “the worst phase of the pandemic” has been left behind and that “the economic recovery is underway.”

Calviño attributes this improvement in the Spanish economy, the one that fell the most in the Western world in 2020, to the measures adopted since March 2020 to provide an “effective response” to the health crisis, “which have made it possible to protect the productive fabric, employment and the income of the families ».

He has ensured that “a fall in GDP of more than 25%, the destruction of more than three million jobs and a global financial crisis of unpredictable impact” has been avoided, in addition to “great damage” to society.

The minister said that the job market is “without a doubt the best thermometer of recovery” and confirms “that growth is reaching where it really matters: families and future opportunities for younger generations.”

Nadia Calviño has detailed that it is over “the 20 million employed and the workers covered by the ERTE have been reduced to around 130,000 people”, something that she sees as proof that, in just fifteen months, the employment levels prior to the pandemic.

This panorama puts Spain, according to Calviño, in a good position to carry out the Government’s recovery plan with the support of 140,000 million euros of transfers and credits from European funds.

Recovery plan

In this regard, he recalled that Spain is the most advanced country in the EU in the implementation of the recovery plan, the first to agree on the execution conditions and request the first half-yearly tranche of 10,000 million euros, which will be added to the 9,000 million of pre-financing already received in August.

Of all these funds, he specified that “they are already being channeled to carry out transformative investments” and that more than 10,600 million euros have been transferred to the autonomous communities, 1,560 for Catalonia.

“Every week we are deploying the recovery plan milestone by milestone, objective by objective, through the tenders and projects that we also launch from the different ministries,” he pointed out, to specify in the announcement of several projects “for the recovery and economic transformation, what is known as los pertes ».

The first one is related to the automotive sector, “so that Spain is one of the countries that leads the deployment and development of the electric and connected vehicle.”

Recently, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezannounced a second “avant-garde health”, said Calviño, who has referred to another in which work is currently related to the language while some more are being developed “in the aerospace, agri-food, renewable energy and storage fields” .

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