Cameron Diaz believes she may have worked as a drug dealer in the ’90s

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Like many other Hollywood stars, Cameron Diaz began his career in the fashion world before making the leap to film. In the United States she had not done badly as a catalog model, so as soon as she saved enough money, she moved to Paris and rented an apartment shared with another girl who to this day is still one of her best friends.

Despite his privileged physique, at first, Cameron did not finish attracting the attention of the representation agencies until one day he was presented with an incredible opportunity: to travel to Morocco to make a photographic report. And sure enough, it was too good to be true.

“I was there for a whole year and I didn’t work a single day. I couldn’t find a job even if my life went into it. Then I got one but, in reality, I think it was a mule, someone who brought drugs to Morocco, I swear to God,” he explained in the podcast ‘Second Life’.

Before he got on the plane, he was handed a locked suitcase purportedly containing his wardrobe. It wasn’t until she arrived at the airport in Morocco and was asked to open it that she realized she had acted as irresponsible.

“Then I thought, ‘What’s in that suitcase?’ I am a blonde girl with blue eyes in Morocco, in the nineties, with torn jeans, platform boots and loose hair. Am… this is really dangerous,” he acknowledged.

Nerves gripped her and she lied to customs agents that this was not her luggage. Luckily, at that time the security measures were less strict and nothing happened to him, although it goes without saying that he did not take the suitcase back to Paris.

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“That was the only job I got in Paris,” said Cameron, who shortly after was hired for her first film, ‘The Mask’, and could forget about that experience.

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