Camilo Blanes, the son of Camilo Sesto, pronounces on the existence of a supposed secret brother

Toñi Moreno

Almost two years ago the singer passed away Camilo Sesto and the program ‘Viva la vida’ has given ‘the bombshell’, by revealing the existence of a supposed secret son of the Alicante artist. The news has starred in a large part of the space that Toñi Moreno presents. On Saturday, August 7, they began announcing that they were going to reveal the identity of a famous Spanish singer with international significance who had a secret son. The first track was none other than having sold 70 million copies worldwide.

An hour later they gave the second: the versatile singer had also participated in several films, but the last track was the definitive one. The image of about Impressive blue eyes confirmed that it was the protagonist of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. The collaborators did not take long to get the data they had in their possession and that confirmed the news.

Toñi Moreno
‘Viva la vida’ has brought to light the existence of a supposed secret son of Camilo Sesto / Telecinco

The program had spoken with the protagonist of the story, who for the moment prefers not to give more details about his identity. Just that He is 36 years old, his name is David and that he believes exactly what his mother has told him about the alleged relationship he had with Camilo. In addition to revealing that the artist was not only aware of his existence, they also confirmed to have in his possession a photograph in which the singer appears with him and also with his son Camilo.

Precisely ‘Camilín’ has had no problem answering to the microphones of Gtres about this bomb news that has not left anyone indifferent. And he has done it back home – the impressive house on the outskirts of Madrid where his father lived – after one morning practicing sports. Since the death of his father, his life has been spent discreetly in the house. His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, does not live with him but is very aware of everything that concerns her son, about whose health, according to Kiko Matamoros, she is still concerned.

Camilo Blanes, Lourdes Ornelas
Lourdes Ornelas has made it clear that if a judge asks for DNA tests, her son will do it / Gtres

She herself recognized a year ago that her son would be wasting the fortune he has inherited after the death of the interpreter of ‘Something about me’ due to his alcoholism problems. He has already gone through several rehabilitation centers in Mexico, but the freedom he enjoys in Spain could have aggravated his addictions.

New data

The information that ‘Viva la vida’ handles suggests that it would not be one, but two, the secret children of Camilo Sesto. There are data that do not agree with the conversation they have had with David, and Toñi Moreno herself has recognized this. «They are two different stories, one in Madrid and one in Barcelona. The one from Madrid does not deny that he may be Camilo’s son, but says that he has never had contact with him, although there are photos that say otherwise, “he said.

Camilo Sesto
The supposed secret son of Camilo Sesto has the same blue eyes as the singer and as ‘Camilín’ / Telecinco

While Juan Luis Galiacho does confirm the story of the one who lives in the city of Barcelona: «He lives in Barcelona and is a taxi driver», has revealed, also stating that he had already visited a law firm to request DNA tests. Some tests that, as Lourdes Ornelas has communicated, would not refuse to be carried out if a judge is the one who requests them.

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