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Camilo Blanes: who is Camilo Sesto’s son and his universal heir

One of the most recognized and acclaimed voices by the public worldwide was that of Camilo Sesto, a singer, songwriter and icon representative of the romantic ballad of Spain who passed away in September 2019. More than two years have passed since the artist left this world but his songs still continue to conquer thousands of people.

Yes OK Camilo Blanes Cortés, better known as Camilo Sesto, was one of the most famous artists in the world, little has been known about Camilo Blanes Ornelas, the singer’s son, the product of his romantic relationship with the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas. The heir to the balladeer was born in 1983.

In the mid-70s and as part of his private life, the singer was romantically linked with well-known personalities such as Andrea Bronston O Maribel Martin, but years later it would be known that Lourdes Ornelas would become the mother of his son.

Camilo Sesto was considered one of the flagship voices of Spain and was awarded in 2011 with the medal “Maximum Hispanic Pride” whose award was in the city of Las Vegas (United States).

During his entire musical career, the singer born in Madrid (Spain) published more than 40 record productions and sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide. From its beginnings in 1970 to 1980, it managed to place itself for 52 weeks at number 1 on the Top 40 list.

At the beginning of the 80s the singer Camilo Sesto It surprised everyone after the artist got off a private jet at Barajas airport together with Lourdes Ornelas who was carrying a baby in her arms generating great commotion.

But soon after, the official presentation of his family would be made, in an interview with a Spanish magazine specializing in royal issues.

14 years ago she was a fan of mine. From a fan she became a friend. From friend to close friend. From a close friend to an eternal friend. And now he is an indispensable person in my life (…) I already have my son, and I don’t want to hide him for a second, I don’t want to hide what my happiness is”, Expressed .

The Blanes Ornela family decided to live for a time in the Torrelodones mansion, near Madrid, but soon after the couple separated and Lourdes traveled to Mexico with her son.

Later, the son of Camilo Sesto He missed his mother, especially in childhood, while in adolescence that became a very hard situation for him, according to the magazine .

If my mother could not be with me when I was little it was due to the financial difficulties that happened at that time. She had the freedom to come, maybe not the economic power “said Camilo Jr.

Camilo Blanes he lived with both versions of his parents. While the singer maintained that his mother allowed him to stay with him, Ornelas said the opposite. This whole situation made the young man shy and introverted.

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