Camilo released the remix of “Kesi” with Shawn Mendes singing in Spanish

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After some advances in social networks, Camilo presented the remix of “Case ” next to Shawn Mendes. The theme is part of his album My hands. The union between both artists arose from the admiration between them and from a direct message from the Canadian to the Colombian expressing how much he liked the song.

“It is one of my favorite songs in my entire repertoire. I never thought of remixing it until one of my favorite artists, Shawn Mendes, he proposed to me directly“Said Camilo through a statement.

“Being a huge fan of his music, the pure idea of ​​hearing him singing in Spanish It is something that I was very excited about. The fact that he decided to sing in our language for the first time in his career in a song with me is one of the greatest honors I have had in my career as an artist ”, he expressed about the interest on the part of the Canadian singer.

And he added: “It is a theme full of life, smiles, energy and happiness contagious like no other and the friendship that unites us is so honest and close that it encourages and gives spirit to this collaboration ”.

The voices of both shine to the rhythm of the Champeta, a genre from Cartagena, Colombia, which is worth noting, it is the first collaboration in Spanish by Mendes in his successful career.

For his part, Shawn said: “My favorite part of working with Camilo is being around him, his energy is contagious and beautiful. When we met there was an immediate click, and I feel like it’s so much easier to work with someone once you feel like you’re friends with them. You get a lot more excited about the release ”.

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Currently, Camilo is touring Spain with his completely sold out “Mis Manos Tour ”, which began on July 7 with massive concerts in Murcia, Valencia Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), Benicassim and which will continue this week in Santiago de Compostela and three concerts at the famous Starlite in Marbella, which should be noted, becomes the first international artist to sell out three consecutive nights at said venue.

Last month, the singer presented his collaboration with Gusttavo Lima, in the new version of “Baby”. The Colombian decided to do it in Portuguese as a tribute to Brazil. The song was composed by Camilo, Edgar Barrera, El Alfa, Tainy, Andrés Castro, and Cesar Lemos, this remix is ​​produced by the singer with Edgar Barrera.

The musician said that he has admired Gusttavo Lima for many years. “One of my dreams was always to share my music with the world regardless of the language. Brazil is a country that has always fascinated me for its beauty, its culture, its people and its music ”, he described in a press release.

Last year, in an interview with La Viola, Camilo said about the quarantine: “I am a type of person who always stays at home, but one thing is to stay at home because you want to and another because you have to, so it is very rare. , it has been for me tremendous learning. Still knowing what this is all about (…) At least in my case, I don’t think that anything in me will ever be like before, everything has changed in dynamics and value ”.

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“That vertical relationship between the artist and the public is not funny for me. My relationship with the tribe is that we are a lot of people who think alike, who share tastes and commune. I take this very seriously and they are really my purpose in life, “said the musician about his relationship with fans.

He also spoke of great love he feels for Argentina and although he maintained that it is a legacy of the Montaner family, which is a “fan” of our country, he also recalled that national artists such as Atahualpa Yupanqui and Mercedes Sosa they were part of his childhood and inspired his beginnings in music.

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