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Cam’Ron Honors OJ Simpson Amidst Ongoing Criticism

Cam’Ron Honors OJ Simpson Amidst Ongoing Criticism

Cam’Ron, known for his unapologetically candid opinions on sports and other issues, made a bold appearance dressed in Buffalo Bills gear, commemorating the late OJ Simpson by wearing a jersey emblazoned with Simpson’s name and number. There was no hesitation in his display. He posted a video on Instagram, strolling through the corridors of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, carrying a football and wearing a football punter mask with visible pride.

The rapper-turned-podcaster shared the footage with a caption: “OJ was here!!!! Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY! This ain’t really Our holiday.. But it Feels good not to have to answer to nobody!! #FreeNigga #IIWII”

The post is also featured on the Instagram profile page of his podcast, It Is What It Is, but its caption read, “YALL KNOW LONG AS WE HEREIT WILL BE NO “UNCLE O” SLANDER. WE AIN’t TOLERATING THAT AT AL…#LLTHEJUICE #ITISWHATITISTALK #NOBODYSAFE #WESAYWHATTHEFUCKWEWANT.”

Cam’Ron’s recent posts appear to respond to comments by Stephen A. Smith, who criticized BET for including the NFL Hall of Famer in their “in memoriam” segment during the BET Awards 2024. Smith expressed his displeasure in a YouTube segment titled “We should NOT be celebrating OJ Simpson,” where he rebuked the network’s choice:

“This is the BET Awards,” Smith stated. “This is a celebration of Blackness, of Black culture, of Black entertainment, of Black excellence. And when you do something like this you got folks outside the community going, ‘See that, see that shit.’”

Smith added: “We as a community are going to be held accountable for that.”

In response, It Is What It Is wasn’t pleased with Smith’s stance and criticized him in a now-deleted social media post, labeling him “Sucka.”

Cam’Ron has consistently supported Orenthal James Simpson, who passed away on April 10, shortly after making his final appearance on Cam’Ron, Mase, and Treasure Wilson’s sports-focused podcast It Is What It Is. The podcast delves into news, statistics, and hot takes on sports and culture, and includes detailed discussions with athletes, analysts, coaches, and sports enthusiasts. Simpson was a frequent guest who offered his insights on football moments.

Cam’Ron’s talent for trolling remains unmatched. In May, during an interview with CNN, he showcased his signature irreverent style. After anchor Abby Phillip asked him about Diddy’s demise, leading some viewers to react strongly. The Pink Horse Power owner later provided context, stating, “I tried to go CNN the right/nice way, they said NO!! Ok bet!!!!”

As always, Cam’Ron continues to engage his audience with his audacious take on current issues, sports, and culture.

Source: particlenews, Instagram