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Can Anyone Top Post Malone & Morgan Wallen’s ‘I Had Some Help’ as 2024’s Song of the Summer?

Is the 2024 Song of the Summer race already over or just getting started?

On the new Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Katie & Keith are talking about who will end this summer atop the Songs of the Summer chart. Post Malone’s “I Had Some Help,” featuring Morgan Wallen, has ruled Songs of the Summer since the chart returned in late May, but does it have some current competition that could take the lead? Or maybe a song that hasn’t even been released yet?

We consulted our Billboard colleagues Gary Trust (managing director, charts and data operations) and Jason Lipshutz (executive director, music and founding Pop Shop Podcast co-host) for their insight. They offer up what the strongest contenders are and also do some wishful thinking about how the rest of the summer could play out.

To hear what they had to say and Katie & Keith’s full discussion, check out the brand-new episode below:

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Source: Billboard