Can I make a Bizum to foreign numbers?

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Although we are still in a pandemic, and each country applying restrictions on others, certainly this summer it is possible to travel with ‘some’ freedom. And a growing trend is to use some kind of digital and electronic payment system to minimize the use of physical money. System like Bizum, which many wonder if it can be used abroad.

Make a Bizum to a foreign number

If I travel to a destination outside of Spain, Can I make a Bizum to a number that is from there? We go directly to the Bizum website to solve that doubt, which answers it by pointing out that “The mandatory requirement to be able to use Bizum abroad is that the bank account is Spanish.” Therefore, you cannot, for example, make a Bizum from a La Caixa or Santander account to someone who has an account in a non-Spanish bank.

If during your stay you need to open a new account in a bank in the country where you study or work, “Bizum service will not be available“, given that It only operates with accounts of Spanish banks. If you want to continue using Bizum, you must associate the new number with your bank account in Spain. In this way “you could make a Bizum to foreign mobiles that are associated with an account with a Spanish IBAN ”.

Therefore and in summary, if you are abroad and need to do a Bizum, if the other person has a telephone number from that country but an account in a Spanish bank, you can.

A project of the Spanish bank

The truth is that in the current era, in which the digital payment system is precisely overcoming the borders that physical payment imposes between countries -for example different currencies-, it is a bit shocking to see that Bizum is like this.

But it should be noted that the service was born in 2016 as common project of the Spanish bank, property of “23 banking entities that operate in the Spanish market and that have come together to develop innovative solutions in terms of payments “.


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