Can Lucifer become a movie?

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Lucifer is one of the most outstanding series of the streaming service Netflix and in the next few hours it will premiere the episodes of its sixth and final season. It is clear that the fans do not want this to happen, since the fiction starring Tom Ellis has generated a great level of popularity, demonstrated after the cancellation by Fox until the platform rescued it.

“It’s over: this is the final season of ‘Lucifer’. Yes, now it is serious. The devil himself has become God … or almost. God, what will you do about it? Bittersweet time has come to say goodbye to Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Maze, Linda, Ella and Dan. Tissue stockpiling is recommended. “says the synopsis of the final batch of chapters.

+ Can Lucifer become a movie?

It is not uncommon for a television series to end up as a movie or for a tape to take inspiration from it, even though they are completely different formats. Some examples of what is possible are the sagas of Star Trek and Mission Impossible, which in 2022 will premiere its seventh installment starring Tom Cruise.

In 2018, the Fox network, before it was acquired by Disney, decided to cancel the program after three seasons, as they considered it a very expensive product and that “it did not work well enough”, despite being considered a success. The truth is the fans mobilized through the networks and got the streaming to listen to them.

It is clear the affection from the fans, and it is a major point for a production company, since no matter how good the content is, the minutes of reproduction are those that currently command. Lucifer will come to the end of its series, Although it does not mean that it is the closing of the story, given that his showrunner, Tom Kapinos, responded that he would be willing to return with a spin-off. Meanwhile, it is known that Tom Ellis will be part of the film Players, and if you do not receive another proposal could consider returning to his mythical role.

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