Can you charge a tenth shared on WhatsApp or photocopied?

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We are already in the week of the draw, and the other day we told you how to make and create entries for the draw for the Christmas Lottery 2021. In fact, and like last year, many families and friends have decided to buy a tenth of El Gordo among several and share what they touch.

And here the question arises, because if you have been halfway with someone and they have given you a photocopy of the tenth or a photo of the ticket on WhatsApp, is it legal and could you charge it if it touches you?

Charge a tenth shared on WhatsApp

According to the OCU, the Organization of consumers and users, a tenth of the Lottery is “a bearer document and, in principle, the prize is received by the person who has it in their power. In the event that it is shared, it is enough for the depositary of the tenth to photocopy it and deliver to each participant a signed copy (with the name and ID of the depositary) indicating that such person plays in that number, series, fraction and draw, a specified amount of euros. It is also worth sending a photo of the tenth by email or WhatsApp: it serves as proof as long as the data of the depositary, the participants and the participation of each one appear ”.

Therefore, It is legal for you to have it on your WhatsApp and show up to collect it if it is your turn, although you also need to have all the previous data, not just a photocopy on paper or a photo by WhatsApp, since you have to prove it.

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Yes, a photo or photocopy is valid

When collecting a shared prize hWhat to identify in the bank each winner and their percentage of participationn. Once this is done,s banks can pay the entire award (after deducting the amount for which it is taxed) into the person’s account that he already owns an account at that bank and that he will later distribute as agreed.

It’s not convenient “collect the entire amount without first identifying the other participants, since when it is distributed it may appear that the money is being donated, which would force the payment of donation tax.”

In addition, it must be taken into account that The Treasury automatically withholds 20% of the part of the prize that exceeds the exempt minimum of 40,000 euros for each tenth, not for every graceful person. That is, the tax is discounted and then the net amount is distributed among the participants. The award is not declared in personal income tax, the income it generates is.


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