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Canadian Cat Becomes TikTok Star Documenting Its Weight Loss Journey

Canadian Cat Becomes TikTok Star Documenting Its Weight Loss Journey

One cat from Canada has become a viral sensation thanks to the documentation of his weight loss journey.

The feline, named Axel “Biggie Smalls,” was rescued earlier this year by his owner, Kristine Segui, according to CTV News Ottawa.

Utilizing a special diet and some exercise, Axel has lost 10 pounds since February, the outlet reported. Segui called the achievement incredible but said, “Our goal is not only weight loss, but being a cat — getting to jump on things, getting to enjoy things.”

“I mean, he’s only seven years old,” she added. “He still has a lot of time left in his life, and we want to make sure he gets to enjoy that.”

Segui began documenting Axel’s weight loss journey earlier this year with a first clip posted on TikTok in February.

“Meet Axel aka Biggie Smalls. He was surrendered to a local shelter this week at a whopping 43lbs,” the post’s caption reads.

Another video posted not long after says, “He may be a thicc boy now but this beautiful dude is on his way to a much better life,” while one other clip reads, “Axel is hungry allll the time but he’s doing the best he can with diet and exercise.”

In a recent update shared on TikTok late last month, Segui weighed her pet and highlighted his weight loss, writing, “A very special OFFICIAL Weigh in Friday!!!!!! This is the one that counts!! WE DID IT!! Go Biggie or go home baby!!!!”

According to Segui, Axel has “grown quite a little following of people who cheer his weight loss every Friday and how he’s doing.”

She now wants the feline — who has amassed over 130,000 followers — to lose another 10 to 15 pounds over the next year.

“I fostered hundreds of cats and he’s just like a toddler. He’s one of mine now, so he’s part of our family,” Segui told CTV News Ottawa.

The cat owner, who is the director of the Ferdinand and Friends Animal Rescue Network, has since launched a fundraiser for the organization to help support other overweight cats.

Source: CTV News Ottawa