“Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City author, unfairly compensated with inadequate royalties”

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Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has recently opened up about not receiving the royalties she rightfully deserved for her book series ‘Sex and the City.’ The 64-year-old author had originally written a column for The New York Observer which was later adapted into the bestselling anthology ‘Sex and the City.’ However, when the book series was sold to HBO, it went on to become a multi-million dollar franchise including six seasons and two movies starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Unfortunately, Candace only received a mere $60,000 for the rights.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror newspaper, Candace shares her disappointment in not receiving the compensation she deserved. She expresses her regret in not fully participating in the financial success of the franchise. Even her late father had made a comment about it years ago. Candace hopes that the show’s spinoff ‘And Just Like That’ continues to do well, and she expects to be compensated more handsomely this time around.

Candace went on to wonder what happened to the version of herself that she brought into the book as Carrie Bradshaw. She notes that Sarah Jessica Parker had managed to do it her way and become a fan favorite of the show. Candace’s message to women was not about finding their Mr. Big, but rather about self-actualization.

Candace wanted to remind her fans that her goal was not to encourage finding love but becoming your own Mr. Big. It’s about finding oneself and fulfilling your true potential. Candace acknowledges that the spin-off is all about following the original characters and their lives, and she is hopeful that the show continues to do well. However, she is also grateful that it wasn’t like ‘Sex and the City’ wasn’t entirely focused on finding love.

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It seems like the issues with royalties have been longstanding, and hopefully, the creators have learned their lesson and will compensate their authors and creators fully going forward. Fans of the show and Candace’s work, in general, will be keeping an eye out for more news about ‘And Just Like That’ and Candace’s involvement in it.

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