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Candace Cameron Bure, Cameron Mathison to Star in Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells

Great American Family is doubling the holiday joy for fans of Candace Cameron Bure with two Christmas movies this season.

TVLine has given us an exclusive first look at one of the films, “A Christmas Less Traveled.” This story features Bure as a struggling business owner who embarks on a transformative road trip. The network is also excited to announce that Bure will executive produce and star in another movie titled “Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells.”

According to TV Insider, Bure’s character in “Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells” is Gracie, who is acclaimed as the perfect wedding planner at Peachtree Inn. Gracie’s motto, “No problems, only solutions waiting to be discovered,” ensures brides’ dreams come true. However, when Charlie, played by Cameron Mathison, brings his sister and her fiancé to Butler, S.C., for a Christmas Eve wedding, Gracie initially refuses the task, claiming it’s impossible to plan the perfect wedding just two weeks before Christmas. Nevertheless, she eventually agrees and quickly realizes there are more challenges to overcome than she anticipated.

Both “A Christmas Less Traveled” and “Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells” will be part of Great American Family’s “Great American Christmas” lineup, premiering this November. Before these festive films, Bure will return for another movie titled “The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker,” which is scheduled for a September release.

This new holiday offering continues Bure’s extensive collaboration with Great American Family. In previous years, she executive-produced and starred in the 2022 Christmas movie “A Christmas… Present” and the 2023 movie “My Christmas Hero.” Bure has also served as an executive producer for other holiday films including 2022’s “Christmas on Candy Cane Lane,” starring Andrea Barber from “Full House,” and 2023’s “A Christmas for the Ages,” starring Natasha Bure.

Bure’s continued presence on the network reaffirms her role as a staple in Christmas entertainment, delivering heartwarming stories that resonate with audiences. The inclusion of both “A Christmas Less Traveled” and “Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells” in the holiday lineup provides fans with double the festive cheer, emotional depth, and holiday spirit that they look forward to every year.

Fans are eager to see how Bure brings these new stories to life, adding to her impressive holiday filmography. Whether through the transformative journey in “A Christmas Less Traveled” or the wedding planning challenges in “Jingle Bells, Wedding Bells,” viewers can expect a heartfelt holiday experience.

This season, Great American Family’s “Great American Christmas” lineup promises to be a celebration filled with warmth, love, and the magic of Christmas, anchored by the enduring appeal of Candace Cameron Bure.

Source: TVLine, TV Insider