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Candace Cameron Bure’s Dangerous Fuller House Stunt Fail

Candace Cameron Bure recently experienced a close call on the set of “Fuller House,” which led to a significant change in production. Although Bure emerged unscathed, the production team decided not to take any further risks, resulting in the removal of a zipline from the scene. Mark Cendrowski, the episode’s director, was notably unhappy with the incident and promptly ordered a reworking of the entire scene to eliminate the zipline.

Bure’s close friend, Andrea Barber, disclosed that the individual responsible for the stunts was subsequently fired. Given the potential for severe consequences, this decision didn’t come as a surprise. Ziplining may not be the most dangerous stunt, but any negligence in managing it could have led to a disastrous situation. Jodie Sweetin highlighted the extent of the damage, sharing that the malfunctioning mechanism left a significant mark on the set. “There was a big gash in the stage floor, it broke the stairs, it was, like … wild,” she recounted to “How Rude, Tanneritos!” listeners.

Recalling the incident, the “Fuller House” co-stars emphasized the necessity of pausing production to ensure everyone’s well-being. Assistant director Christian Jensen sensed the need for a break, recognizing the impact of the unnerving event. Andrea Barber noted, “We, like, kind of stopped for a couple hours.” Sweetin echoed this sentiment, adding, “Chris Jensen was like, ‘Alright, we’re going to take a break.'”

Source: Variety