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Candace Owens Criticized Online for Holocaust Revisionism Comments

Candace Owens, the hard right MAGA influencer recently fired from the Daily Wire, is at the center of a new controversy following an episode of her online show that has been widely condemned for its content about Adolf Hitler and its flirtation with Holocaust revisionism.

Clips from the show, titled “Literally Hitler. Why Can’t We Talk About Him?” have been circulating across social media this week. In one clip, Owens questions the well-documented atrocities committed by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, suggesting his horrific experiments might be “bizarre propaganda.”

Owens, whose show ranks among the top ten podcasts on Spotify in the U.S., is no stranger to controversial statements. She has previously described Hitler’s “nationalism” within Germany as “fine” and has claimed parents who take their children to drag queen story hours should have their kids taken away.

“The idea that they just cut a human up and then sewed them back together. Why would you do that? Even if you’re the most evil person in the world, that’s a tremendous waste of time and supplies,” Owens said, casting doubt on Mengele’s experiments.

The Combat Antisemitism Movement responded swiftly on X, formerly known as Twitter, pointing out that it’s an established fact that SS officer Josef Mengele performed deadly experiments on Jewish twins during the Holocaust. They added:

Not 80 years later, @RealCandaceO tries to rewrite history by denying these depraved acts ever happened.

Utterly repugnant.

In another clip from her show last Tuesday, with over 380,000 views, Owens claimed the Allies who defeated Nazi Germany were the real perpetrators of “ethnic cleansing.” She likened Holocaust education in the West to Soviet indoctrination techniques, aimed at traumatizing developing minds with heavy concepts. She criticized the portrayal of Hitler as “the greatest evil that’s ever happened on earth,” arguing it is not statistically or factually accurate.

Owens continued, “And part of that learning process for me, when I started looking into it, was coming across a huge fact that we, the Allies, ethnically cleansed 12 million Germans.”

In reality, the Allies lost over 16 million soldiers in their effort to defeat the Axis powers, including Nazi Germany, which orchestrated a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing targeting Jews, LGBT individuals, Roma, and other groups they deemed undesirable.

Owens has faced backlash from commentators across the political spectrum for her statements. Below are some of the reactions:


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Source: Mediaite