Canelo Álvarez: meaning of his tattoos

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Canelo Álvarez: meaning of his tattoos

Canelo Alvarez, considered one of the best boxers of the moment, has turned his skin into the perfect canvas to save important dates, reflect his way of thinking and take with him the most special people in his life.

The Mexican boxer has approximately 14 tattoos, all of them in black ink. His left arm, his neck and the upper left part of his back are the places he has designated to stamp some phrases and faces of his daughters.

1. Crown and date tattoo in Roman numerals XXVIII. XI. MMXIV (November 28, 2014)

After an arduous search in the we can conclude that Canelo’s first tattoo would be a crown with a date in Roman numerals (XXVIII. XI. MMXIV) located on the left forearm. Possibly it is the day that he began his courtship with Fernanda Gómez.

2. Date in Roman numerals XII. X. MMVII (October 12, 2007)

The second tattoo of the Mexican boxer is the date October 12, 2007 in Roman numerals. The design is located on the side of the boxer’s left wrist and it is not yet known what that date means.

3. Frase ‘No boxing no life’

On July 17, 2017, the athlete published a photograph on his Instagram account where he showed his third tattoo. This time the phrase was tattooed ‘No boxing no life’. His fondness for boxing was marked on the biceps of his left arm.

4. Date in Roman numerals XXIX. X. MMV (October 29, 2005)

The third date that Canelo has tattooed on his body is October 29, 2005, the day he made his debut at the Arena Chololo Larios de Tonalá when he was just 15 years old.

5. Canelo has the face of his first daughter tattooed

One of the most significant tattoos of the Mexican boxer is the one he dedicated to his first daughter, Emily Cinnamon, whom he had when he was just 17 years old with his first partner, Karen Beltrán.

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