Capcom’s hero Mega Man to get his own live-action movie on Netflix

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Mega Man, the famous character of Capcom, remains firm in his next jump to the cinema, or by what seems, to the streaming. And it is that the project of bringing such famous video game hero into real action continues to advance with new steps that bring it closer and closer to reality. So much so, that after years between the plans of the producer Chernin EntertainmentIt finally seems like it will come through Netflix and its streaming platform. This is how the medium collects it The Verge, which has shared information already deleted by those responsible on its official website that stated that Capcom’s adaptation of Mega Man is being carried out by Chernin Entertainment and Netflix.

Netflix opens up to video game sagas

And it is that as fans will remember, the movie live action Mega Man is in the project phase since its announcement in 2018, although now it seems that it channels its production from the hand of Netflix. And it is that little information has transpired since it was announced that Henry Joost Y Rel Schulman they would be in charge of writing and directing the film, respectively. So much so, that in 2019 Capcom reaffirmed that the film was moving forward, the screenwriter entering the project Mattson Tomlin (Project Power) in the summer of last year.

It has not been until now when a publication already removed from the website of Supermarket, company of the two main people in charge of the film, has pointed out that Netflix entered the equation to make the project a reality with the following information: “His ongoing work includes: an adaptation of Capcom’s Mega Man for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix , who write and direct ”.

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At the moment there is no release window for this new live action adaptation that joins other recent films in the medium such as Sonic, Monster Hunter The Resident Evil.

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