Captain America reveals the 8 greatest threats to the Marvel Universe

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Capitán América revela las 8 mayores amenazas del Universo Marvel

Captain America reveals the 8 greatest threats to the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is deep, dark and harbors unimaginable horrors, but Captain America is clear that it is the worst that heroes can face.

Attention SPOILERS from the history of Infinite Fury, Part II which belongs to the Marvel comic Captain America Annual # 1 by Jed MacKay, Juan Ferreyra and Joe Caramagna. The Infinity Gems They are becoming a threat again after they gained sensitivity and spread throughout the universe. The Captain America has the mission to find them and asks for help Nick Fury Jr., and in their conversation the existence of the Abaddon Index, a secret file that lists the eight biggest threats in the world. Marvel Universe.

List of the most dangerous in the Universe:

  1. In this list are the Infinity Gems, since those who can reunite them with the Infinity Gauntlet, will undoubtedly be able to annihilate entire civilizations with the snap of their two. But there are many other threats.
  2. At the top is Galactus, the cosmic being called the world eater that feeds on entire planets full of life.
  3. The next is Shuma-Gorath, a being from another dimension that is a monstrous and demonic creature of the race of the Ancients. It is millions of years old and incredibly powerful. He has destroyed entire worlds and universes, and has tried to take over the Marvel Universe many times before.
  4. You can not miss Annihilus, since although he belongs to the Negative Zone, he always wants to reach the Marvel Universe in order to conquer it. It has an army of insectoid beings that seems infinite.
  5. The mad titan Thanos, is always someone to keep an eye on. Since their plans usually involve the death of millions of beings scattered throughout the cosmos.
  6. Apocalypse, The first of the mutants, he is a constant threat to Earth, as he wants to dominate it and annihilate the human race.
  7. Mephisto is considered like the Devil within Marvel. He has spent thousands of years planning evils to undertake against those who do not fulfill his designs. In addition, he is a character that fans are eager to see in the series of Disney Plus.
  8. Lastly, the eighth threat seems to be hidden, but if you look closely, it appears to be Scarlet Witch. Since his enormous magical power can with Doctor Strange and has managed to change the reality of the Marvel Universe on several occasions. So it would make sense for it to be on the list.

Captain America reveals the 8 greatest threats to the Marvel Universe

There are some beings like Loose Bread missing from the list, as they are hive-type aliens that rampage wherever they go. It would also be necessary to watch The Celestialsas its power is devastating. While there are others like Sentry, Dormammu O the Phoenix Force that can be very dangerous.

What Marvel beings would you add to this list? Leave us your comments below.

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