Captain America: The First Avenger originally included a fight against a giant Nazi robot, why wasn’t it included in the final version?

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Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are responsible for bringing home the Marvel Infinity Saga, but their association with the company had as humble beginnings as the protagonist of their film: Captain America the First Avenger. During the film’s 10th anniversary, the writing duo shared some original ideas that didn’t make it into the film, such as a fight between Captain America and a giant Nazi robot.

In an interview, Markus and McFeely, who would later write Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame, shared how were his beginnings in the UCM and his original ideas for The First Avenger.

A big part of the third act was Cap fighting this robot“says Markus. It is a giant Nazi robot controlled by the Red Skull and called the Panzermax. The robot’s name is a nod to the Panzers, the famous and fearsome Nazi tanks of World War II. However, budget and time constraints forced the duo to redo act three.

Although a giant Nazi robot may be a small thing after everything we have seen in the MCU, and more after the party that Thanos put on. The scriptwriters have remembered “Which are the first days of that study. There are six people in the whole building, they are on top of a car dealership, they are not the Marvel we think of now.“.

The duo also recalled the first casting process for Captain America, where they participated Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier): “He brought something that or took Bucky, who then took The Winter Soldier, there’s a darkness in him“.

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Cris Evans, for his part, made a version of Captain America that had no irony whatsoever and was played seriously: “I think that [Evans] may have pulled a joke or two [del guion], is what i remember“said Markus.

However, Cris Evans’s Captain America He’s not as holy as he’s made us see all this time. The scriptwriters commented that the super soldier was not so clear about “reserve for the perfect partner“. According to account, they’re sure Captain America found some time to enjoy company while touring the cities of the US: “If you look like that, and you go from city to city, and you are signing autographs for ladies like the ones he signs, I have to imagine that he lost his virginity“, dice McFeely.

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