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The White House has faced criticism for the traumatic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which took place in August 2021. The classified documents were sent to Congress, where Republicans in the House of Representatives are investigating this withdrawal, which they consider a failure of Democratic President Joe Biden.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that mistakes have been made. “Finishing a war, any war, is not an easy task, certainly not after 20 years,” but “doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth doing,” Kirby told reporters.

The White House largely blamed Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, for creating the conditions that led to defeat. But he also acknowledged that US intelligence failed to capture the strength of the Taliban and the weakness of Afghan government forces.

In the summary, the White House largely blamed the agreement reached in February 2020 between the Trump administration and the Taliban, saying it made things too difficult for the Biden administration. “The outgoing Trump administration left the Biden administration with a date for withdrawal, but no plan for carrying it out.”

Kirby acknowledged that the US government failed to predict “how quickly” they were progressing the Taliban in the country or “how quickly the Afghan national security forces would withdraw.”

On August 2021, the last US soldier left the airport in the Afghan capital 24 hours before the deadline set by the US president for the withdrawal of troops from the country. However, before US troops could ensure security throughout the airport, the world witnessed scenes of civilian panic, with terrified Afghans trying to get on planes, including some who died trying.

In the end, President Biden refused to send another generation of Americans to fight in a war that should have ended for the United States a long time ago. Nothing “would have changed the trajectory” of the withdrawal, and the only possible scenario was to carry out a military airlift operation to get as many people out of the country in a few days as possible.

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