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In Honor of Independence Day: 12 Songs by Latino Artists that Emphasize Freedom and Self-Liberation

In homage to the 4th of July, Billboard’s Latino editors have put together a list of songs in Spanish that emphasize the theme of independence and self-liberation.

The list includes Thalia’s cover of the ultra-liberating “Who Cares,” originally performed by Alaska and Dinarama in the ’80s. This authentic anthem speaks to self-expression and the independence that comes with individuality.

There’s also “Andrea” by Bad Bunny, a collaboration with the Puerto Rican duo Buscabulla. She is about “a woman who wants to live, be free, respected and understood,” the artist explained during an interview with Chente Ydrach in 2022. “Many women I know can identify with [una Andrea], and I love how women are identifying with that theme.”

“SALÚ” by Francisca Valenzuela is part of her album Vida Tan Bonita (2022), and is also on the list. It is a happy and positive hymn in which the Chilean singer-songwriter sings: “¡Salú’! For the good and the bad/ Salú’! Due to failed attempts/ We are changing, always changing/ Raise your glass, raise your glass”.

The playlist closes with “Gracias” by Pedro Capó, which transmits a positive vibe as the artist remembers what really matters in life. “We keep making songs even if I don’t win the Grammy / I get up, I open my eyes and my la’o tremendous mommy”, he sings. “Because I never lose faith, I never let it fall / And I learn from defeat when I lose.”

Here are 12 songs by Latino artists that you should listen to this Independence Day:

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1. “Who Cares” – Thalia

2. “Andrea” – Bad Bunny (feat. Buscabulla)

3. “SALÚ” – Francisca Valenzuela

4. “Gracias” – Pedro Capó

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