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Capturing Moments with Click & Shutter

Capturing Moments with Click & Shutter
Laurie Durrell sits inside Blossom. Photo by Steven Martine

For as long as Laurie Durrell can remember, she has always been the designated photographer for any occasion. Her love for capturing special memories has delightfully transitioned into a mini enterprise with Blossom, a vintage Volkswagen bus transformed into a mobile photo booth complete with various backdrops and props.

“I’ve always loved VW buses, and I’d been looking for one for years,” says Durrell. “Then one day my husband, Chad, found an ad on Facebook that seemed too good to be true. I called the number, and despite a language barrier with the Brazilian owner, he invited us to see his collection in Orlando. I was nervous it was a scam.”
The VW bus is adorned with a European-style front tag. Photo by Steven Martine

However, the “shed” turned out to be an incredible collection of cars on International Drive. Although Durrell didn’t find the 1965 model with 23 windows she was dreaming of, the collector promised to find one for her. True to his word, he soon called back with good news.

“Chad and I went up to take a look. The bus, then tan, had potential but needed a lot of work,” Durrell recalls, wrinkling her nose at the memory of Blossom before its transformation. Today, the bus gleams in white and blue, featuring a brand-new interior with custom seats, curtains, VW’s signature flower holder, and a decorative front license plate reading “Click N Shutter.”
The VW bus is equipped with photo props. Photo by Steven Martine

Blossom has since become a staple at weddings, graduations, and local events such as the annual Vero Beach Christmas Parade. The bus, a “happy mobile,” comes with the latest photo booth technology, bringing smiles everywhere it goes.

“I wanted quality equipment, so I attended the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas,” says Durrell, describing it as overwhelming yet exciting. “There were over 500 vendors with countless photo booth options.” Armed with new knowledge, Durrell added portable Selfie Booths and handheld selfie Roamer Booths to her offerings. Her packages include unlimited photo sessions, customized photo strips, and various photo sharing options via text, email, or QR code.
The license plate gives a hint as to the vehicle’s purpose. Photo by Steven Martine

“The photo booth not only prints out photos but also sends them instantly to your phone,” she explains. Although the computer program is complex, Durrell’s tech-savvy husband Chad takes care of it, allowing her to focus on what she loves. Chad, her high school sweetheart and best friend, supports all her “crazy ideas.”

Their children, Kylee and Cade, are used to the photo booth props scattered around their home. “Lensy,” an interactive photo booth robot, often sits next to a chair in their living room, embodying the family’s playful spirit.

Durrell is now balancing family life with growing her Click & Shutter business while keeping up with the latest photo booth trends. She’s always on the lookout for new backdrops for Blossom and perhaps even a new friend for Lensy.

Source: Steven Martine