Cara Delevingne recalls her photos with Ashley Benson and a sassy sex toy

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Cara Delevingne doesn’t avoid talking about the toys she enjoys.

In a recent interview for the July / August issue of Cosmopolitan, the supermodel talked about her passion for finding the latest and greatest sex toys; after all, she announced last November that she is now the co-owner of sex toy company Lora DiCarlo. The topic naturally led the 28-year-old to ponder those now infamous 2019 photos posted on Daily Mail of her and her ex Ashley Benson carrying a “sex bank” to their house at the time.

Looking back, Cara admitted that the accessory “was heavy” and added that, today, she finds the images “funny”.

Although Cara has a sense of humor about images now, that wasn’t necessarily the case two years ago. Once the photos reached the Internet, it created security problems, since the front of his house was identifiable and the residence even became a target for robberies. In the interview, the model also revealed that she finally had to move out after all the fuss.

As for the former couple’s situation after their breakup last year, Cara assured the magazine that the two remain on friendly terms.


In the interview, the actress from Suicide Squad She also spoke candidly that she came out as pansexual and gender fluid a little over a year ago, sharing, “I feel like such a fluid person and if I ever say that I am something, it will just stick, which I won’t. like”.

But as for the headline that seemed to catch the eyes and even the ears of fans everywhere, Cara described herself as truly “grateful” for that moment, adding, “I will date a lot of sex banks as a means to continue. doing what I do. “

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