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Cara Delevingne Reveals Early Drinking, Rehab 2 Years Ago, and Staying Sober

Cara Delevingne Reveals Early Drinking, Rehab 2 Years Ago, and Staying Sober

Two years ago, Cara Delevingne made headlines when she was seen near Los Angeles’ Van Nuys airport, barefoot and visibly under the influence. The widely circulated photos prompted the actress to enter rehab, and she has remained sober since then. In a recent interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times, Delevingne opened up about her journey to sobriety as she celebrates her role in “Cabaret” in London’s West End.

Delevingne admitted that her struggles with alcohol began at a young age, recounting an incident where she got drunk at her aunt’s wedding when she was just 8 years old. Reflecting on the airport photos, she remarked, “It was a stupid decision to go straight from a festival to work. I should have waited a day. But it was going to happen to me anyway, there were plenty of photos out there of me looking wasted.”

Despite the public scrutiny, Delevingne views her journey positively. “Listen, I signed up for this, this is my job, it’s what I do. But without that would I be sober now? I would have never been Sally Bowles in the West End, I’m super proud of that,” she said.

The actress also discussed her evolving relationship with her mother, Pandora Delevingne, who has battled addiction and bipolar disorder. “I do think the older I get, the more I see how similar me and my mother are. She has managed to survive through so much. She’s whip-smart,” Delevingne reflected.

“I think there are really beautiful things about my mother and really sad things too. It makes the whole situation complex,” she added. “When I was younger I talked about it freely because I didn’t really understand it. But it affected me, so I felt like it was my right to talk about it. I feel bad about that.”

The interview also explored Delevingne’s experiences with her sexuality, a topic often covered by the media. Her parents, she mentioned, assumed she was straight, a common belief among their generation, she noted.

“It’s a generational thing. I don’t think it was their fault at all. It’s just how it was. I think a lot of parents thought, ‘Oh, if I have a gay child I have done something wrong,’” she shared.

Source: TheWrap, Sunday Times