Card guide in Back 4 Blood: how they work, which are the best, tips and tricks

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The card system in Back 4 Blood It is the most important novelty of the new game from Turtle Rock Studios, and what differentiates it the most from Left 4 Dead, although fortunately not too much. There is not too much complication on paper and it is evident that these cards are improving or adding certain abilities to your character or group, but we wanted to make this little guide with some tips and tricks that can come in handy in future missions.

Back 4 Blood card guide: learn the basics

Let’s start this little Back 4 Blood guide with the basics: How does this card system work? Each player will start with a small, pre-built deck that will be used throughout the game. These cards enhance your character or the entire team with different passive or active effects, which can be a better rank for your weapon, an improvement in basic statistics or more severe modifications that can change the course of the game.

The game begins with a card, which you draw as soon as you start, and you can choose one more card from your deck at the beginning of each level of the act. If you start playing later in that act (because the game has already started previously and you join in the middle) you will be able to draw more cards to compensate. If your team fails in a phase, you will have the opportunity to draw an additional card to help you on your next attempt.

These cards can easily be the key to victory in the game, so think carefully about what benefits you want to receive and how they will help you and the team. Try mixing cards that support your playing style with others that help you fulfill a certain role on the team, and you can even create custom decks for each type of role.. Keep this in mind when building the deck and also when choosing which cards to equip. If you play with friends, make sure that you are all well organized and can offer different benefits, since being coordinated in this sense is also very important.

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When you complete the phases of an act you will earn points (and more if you manage to overcome the objectives of the Corruption Card of each level) that you can exchange to obtain rewards in the base as better cards that will ensure better benefits in game.

Your deck can only be made up of 15 cards in total, and if you do not reach that number you will have to fill the deck with random cards that will be offered to you during the game and that usually allow the improvement of basic statistics such as resistance, ammunition, health or speed.

Waste whatever time is necessary at the base building your deck, because it is worth it.

Does the order of the cards matter when creating a deck in Back 4 Blood?

Yes, the order in which you place the Back 4 Blood cards in the deck is crucial. It will impact the experience and your benefits, because the cards that are located in the upper area of ​​the deck will be dealt earlier during the game. The cards are not drawn randomly without more, so the best cards you have (or the ones you prefer from the beginning in order to develop your strategy) should be placed in the upper area of ​​the deck, the first ones, so that they are offered to you before .

In this sense, the first card of the deck will always be the card with which you start the games. It will always be the starting card, so you should also take it into account for your strategy: which card is best for you to start playing with? Place it in the first top position. The cards that have to do with the correct performance of your strategy (or that of the entire team) should always go in the top pile so that they appear earlier, while the rest can be left further behind.

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And these are the tips we give you with the cards in Back 4 Blood that we hope they will serve in your next forays to hunt the undead.

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