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Cardi B Fans Speculate Pregnancy After Recent Performance Video

Cardi B fans are speculating that she’s pregnant again following her performance at BET Experience in Los Angeles.

On Saturday (June 29), following Cardi B’s phenomenal performance at the 2024 BET Experience event in Los Angeles, fans on social media started speculating about the possibility of the Bronx rapper being pregnant again. In a fan-captured clip, which can be viewed below, Cardi appears to be holding her stomach while she’s performing “Bodak Yellow.”

This prompted many fans to believe that Cardi is pregnant with baby No. 3. While the Grammy-winning rhymer hasn’t announced any baby news, this didn’t stop people from congratulating Cardi on her suspected bundle of joy.

“If Cardi B is pregnant, good for her. That’s a blessing,” wrote one person on X, formerly known as Twitter.

However, some fans were disappointed by the unsubstantiated news of Cardi’s alleged pregnancy.

“Cardi b pregnant again by a loser a*s ni**a [four broken hearts emoji] for we not getting that album,” posted a fan on X.

Meanwhile, other people expressed their support for Cardi B’s potential pregnancy, emphasizing that there is no need for criticism or disapproval if the “Enough” rapper chooses to expand her family.

“Cardi B being pregnant is actually okay guys….shes married…with millions of dollars…minding her own business. ALSO she could’ve gotten pregnant BEFORE their separation so therefore…either way. IT. IS. OKAY,” one X user posted.

Pregnancy rumors aside, Cardi B was also trending on Saturday for a video showing her yelling at her production team for their alleged shoddy work leading up to her concert.

In the viral video below, the 31-year-old artist was upset over issues related to the pyros, the stage fans and the music.

“No offense, yo, but production,” Cardi begins with her rant. “Y’all messin’ up my pyros, the fans is off. Y’all messing up my music. What the f**k I’m paying y’all p**sy ni**as for?”

Some fans weren’t happy with Cardi disrespecting the production team during her show. Cardi eventually addressed the video and told her followers on X that she spent over $350,000 on production and all of it came to naught.

“Don’t play with my money in this economy honey,” Cardi wrote in her post about the expensive cost of putting on a show.

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