Cardi B’s Fiery Stage Exit: Throwing Microphone and Walking Off

By: Will Wood

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Cardi B’s Fiery Stage Exit: Throwing Microphone and Walking Off

Cardi B made headlines once again with her fiery stage exit during a performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas. The rapper, known for her hit songs like ‘WAP’ and her recent collaboration with Offset titled ‘Jealousy’, was in the middle of her set when things took a turn.

According to reports, the DJ at the club was cutting off Cardi B’s songs too early, which seemed to infuriate the artist. In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Cardi B can be seen finishing her final song and then turning around to throw her microphone in the direction of the DJ. She then walks off the stage, clearly showing her frustration with the situation.

This incident comes just days after another video surfaced of Cardi B throwing her microphone at an audience member who threw a drink at her during a performance. The rapper’s reaction has sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some applauding her for standing up for herself and others criticizing her for her behavior.

The video of Cardi B’s stage exit has been circulating on social media, with fans sharing their thoughts on the incident. One fan found the mic throw to be a bold move, commenting, ‘That’s one hell of a mic drop’. Another fan wanted more context, asking, ‘What happened? There’s no context..’. The uploader of the video explained that the DJ had been cutting off Cardi B’s songs, which caused her to become livid.

This is not the first time that artists have faced objects being thrown at them during performances. Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, Drake, and Lil Nas X are just a few examples of artists who have experienced similar incidents. These incidents highlight the need for increased security measures at concerts and events to ensure the safety of both performers and audience members.

Cardi B’s representative has been reached out to for comment on the incident. It remains to be seen how the rapper will address the situation publicly. In the past, Cardi B has been open about her experiences with fan encounters and the impact they can have on her.

The incident at Drai’s Beach Club adds to the ongoing drama surrounding Cardi B and her husband Offset. The couple recently released a new collaboration titled ‘Jealousy’, which sparked rumors of a cheating scandal. Cardi B took to social media to shut down these rumors, stating that they were not a stunt but a real issue that they were addressing through their music.

Despite the controversies, Cardi B continues to be a prominent figure in the music industry. Her bold and unapologetic persona has garnered her a massive fan base and numerous chart-topping hits. While her stage exits may be dramatic, they only add to her reputation as a fierce and passionate artist.

As the video of Cardi B’s stage exit continues to circulate, fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting her response. Will she address the incident directly or let her actions speak for themselves? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Cardi B remains a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, captivating audiences with her electrifying performances and unfiltered personality.

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