Care for a Glass of Link Juice? Here’s What You Need to Know Before We Pour

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So, what is link equity or juice? In layman’s terms, it is a search engine ranking feature based on the premise that certain links transfer more worth and power from one page to another. The said power has several determinants, including, but not limited to: the linking page’s authority, topic relevance as well as HTTP status codes. This in turn signals Google and other search engines which ultimately decide how the page in question is ranked in the SERPs.

Nearly all businesses with an online presence are directly or indirectly affected by link equity, whether they know it or not. For instance, the iGaming industry, which is one of the most competitive in the world, is highly reliant on links, both no deposit casinos and online casino affiliates have no choice but to search for link juice. It’s the cost of working in the industry and you cannot rank without this. Many trustworthy affiliate sites such as invest copious amounts of time and energy on research and ensuring that they get bang for buck from their links. 

Link Juice Simplified

Link juice and Link equity are used interchangeably and both these terms refer to the same digital phenomenon. In order to comprehend what link juice is, one must first understand backlinks and how they matter for the purpose of search engine optimization. Backlinks are any links on a website that directs the clicker to your website. Backlinks are one of the key metrics that affect a website’s SEO ranking. Basically, if there are websites that are linking to your website, it is good for the visibility and exposure of your website. 

However, not all backlinks have the same weightage. Google’s search engine algorithm is quite convoluted. It does not simply look at how many websites are linking to yours. Instead, if also considers what sort of websites these are, how relevant the content and linking is, the domain authority of the website, how long the website has been live, and much more. 

For instance, if Apple’s official website links to your website, that link is worth its weight in gold. Inversely a link to your website from your friend’s vlogging website may not be all that valuable in boosting your SEO ranking. 

Relevancy also plays a huge role here. For example, if your website is about gadgets and technology, then a link from a high authority domain tech website like could provide more link juice than a link from a, which is a fashion website and is thus irrelevant. 

In summary, what you need to understand is that:-

  • backlinks are vital for SEO ranking 
  • not all backlinks have the same effect on your SEO ranking 
  • some backlinks are more valuable 
  • link juice refers to the value/weightage/effectiveness of a certain backlink 

Why Link Juice Matters

Backlinks are Google’s only way of gauging a website’s authority on a certain topic. There is no doubt that Google’s algorithm is remarkable, but it is not all-knowing and is certainly not the leading expert on every discernible topic on the World Wide Web. Therefore, it needs support from other indexed websites for a show of hands to categorize the authority of a website. Basically, every backlink your website has from other websites can be thought of as a vote of confidence from those websites stating that your website is in good standing. Nevertheless, not all votes have the same merit as we’ve already discussed. 

If link juice was not an important factor in getting your website a good SEO ranking, then you could simply ask thousands of your acquaintances to link to your website from their personal blogs or other websites that they own. This would boost your SEO score. However, another competing website that may not have the same number of backlinks as your website, but all of its backlinks are from high-authority websites, could achieve a better SEO ranking than yours. This is solely because the backlinks to the competitor website have more link juice. This is what makes link juice important to any website trying to achieve a good SEO ranking. 

How Link Juice of a Link is Calculated?

We’ve already spoken about how a backlink to your website from a high authority website has more link juice than a backlink from a low authority website. However, this is not the be-all and end-all of link juice. There are several other factors that determine the quality of a backlink. Some of the important factors that determine link juice are:

Relevancy: The website linking to your website should some common ground with the content and theme of your website. 

Domain Authority: The domain authority of the website linking to your website matters. The higher the authority is, the more the juice. 

Crawlable: If the page on which there is a link to your website blocks crawlers, the link will be disregarded by the algorithm. Make sure the link is crawlable. 

Where does the link appear on the page: The section of the content or the page where the link appears also contributes to link juice. If the link is placed in the footer, it won’t be as valuable as a link placed in the middle of the page/content, for instance. 

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