Carl Weathers: The Mandalorian 3 begins filming in September

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Fans of The Mandalorian they couldn’t hide their concern. The start of the filming of the series was delayed many times and the alternative that the cameras were turned on only next year was even mentioned. Quiet! Giancarlo Espósito had already given clues to the start of this production of Disney+ and now another protagonist confirms the news.

Is about Carl Weathers, which in intergalactic fiction personifies Greef Cargo. The interpreter said what all the followers of the show wanted to hear: September will be the month in which the filming of the program will begin. More data? The actor who gave life to Apollo Creed in the saga Rocky he will also act as director in the new installments.

The Mandalorian will return with all “The Force”!

“Now we are going to start a new season of The Mandalorian, the next month. I will be in front of the camera again and I will also direct “, were the words that Weathers chose to confirm what every fan of Star Wars wanted to hear. It couldn’t be otherwise, the show that tells the story of Mando and Grogu became one of the favorite series of fans of the franchise.

Weathers made his behind-the-scenes debut on episode 12 of The Mandalorian titled “The Siege”, one of the most action-packed installments of the show and the last time we saw Greef Cargo. The experienced actor was not afraid of the challenge and his work was so good that the producers will put their trust in him again.

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The third batch of episodes of this program has some doubts in the followers of the show. What will happen with Yellow? The last time we saw the little boy he went with Luke Skywalker to develop your skills with The force. Y Cara Dune? It will be necessary to see how they resolve their disappearance after the controversy with Gina Carano which ended in the firing of the actress.

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