Carlos Álvarez: ‘El pituco de Lima en Moquegua’ sends a notary letter to a comedian for parodying him

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Carlos Alvarez He used his social networks to communicate to his followers that Willy Miguel Peralta Guillén, the man who discriminated against a policewoman in Moquegua, sent him a notarized letter after the comedian made a parody of his embarrassing incident.

The subject, known as ‘El pituco de Lima en Moquegua’, asked Álvarez to rectify himself for having parodied him, according to the comedian in a video published on his social networks.

“This man has just sent me a notarized letter for me to rectify. We are not a journalistic program, we are a comedy program where the reality of things is parodied. We are not journalists. We want you to take everything that happens in our country with a smile ”, Alvarez said.

“I will send this notarized letter to my lawyers so that they can give me legal advice to act from now on”added the Peruvian artist.

On November 14 in Moquegua, Willy Peralta Guillén was intervened by two agents of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) for talking on the phone and driving at the same time.

In the viral video it was observed that the offender got out of his car in confusion and, unleashing an explicit classism: “What is your name? What is his last name? Give me your last name if you have the courage to say it! Look, I’m going to tell you two things: I’m from Lima, I’m a pituco, I have class, I have a level “.

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