“Carlos and Camilla’s Secret Pre-Coronation Strategy Unveiled”

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Carlos III’s Hectic Schedule Prior to His Coronation

In the days leading up to his coronation ceremony, Carlos III had a schedule that was jam-packed with various engagements and meetings. With 2,200 guests expected to attend the state event, the British Royal House left no stone unturned in organizing everything.

Throughout these hectic days, Carlos III greeted, shook hands, and thanked countless people who made the effort to attend his special day. Despite this, the king managed to maintain his composure and grace.

The Night Before the Coronation

With a hectic schedule, it’s only natural for Carlos III to seek a moment of respite before his coronation. After meeting with various heads of state and members of royalty at Buckingham Palace, the new king chose to return to Clarence House, his private residence.

Here, he had a simple plan for the night before the coronation ceremony, a private dinner with Camilla, his wife and queen. Despite being considered a private affair, the details of the dinner were not revealed to the public.

Clarence House: A Special Place for Carlos III

While the Buckingham Palace is the official residence of British sovereigns in London, Carlos III has expressed his desire to remain in Clarence House despite the tradition. In fact, he already received King Felipe VI of Spain there last November.

Carlos III moved to Clarence House in 2003, a year after the death of his grandmother, Queen Mother, who lived in this residence for over 50 years. In fact, he has many childhood memories there since his grandparents resided with them in the same house. For Carlos III, this is his refuge, his home.

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The Days Prior to the Coronation Ceremony

With the pace and intensity that Carlos III led the days before his coronation, some might forget that he’s already 75 years old. Throughout the week, he held audiences with various leaders from Commonwealth countries and leading Amazon activists.

On the day prior to his coronation ceremony, Carlos III had three different commitments in two separate locations to meet with the most important political figures in the United Kingdom and all the leaders of the Commonwealth. This is in addition to the playful celebrations scheduled for Sunday at Windsor Castle.

Despite all this, Carlos III successfully navigated the busy schedule with grace and composure.

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