Carlos Garay: who was the businessman and friend of the Peruvian celebrity who was murdered

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On the night of August 14, the ‘King of the privaditos’ he was brutally attacked between Arístides del Carpio and Arredondo streets, in Cercado de Lima. Carlos Garay He died instantly from gunshot wounds to his head, as did his co-pilot, Miguel Vergara.

But they were not alone. As reported by the sole survivor of the terrifying confrontation, the ‘Chollywood manager’ Juan Carlos Caqui, Garay was returning from the Jorge Chávez Airport and was on his way to his home, when he was intercepted by some hitmen who The businessman and his friend were shot 13 times in the head.

Juan Carlos Caqui He received a bullet in the neck, but was immediately taken to the clinic and managed to leave without major problems. Fortunately, he was sitting in the back of the vehicle, so he was able to dodge most of the shots.

The 30-year-old businessman owned the cevichería ‘White beach’, which during the pandemic became the well-known ‘Bunker’. This earned him his nickname ‘The king of the privaditos’, salsa parties that hosted various celebrities; Likewise, he was a promoter of discos in the northern cone.

Due to his friendship with Shirley Arica and Jossmery Toledo, in addition to being in soccer meetings like Carlos Zambrano and Christian Cueva, Garay was making a space in Chollywood.

Last May, the Magaly cameras denounced a Clandestine party that Garay organized amid government restrictions to reduce the number of infected. The event was intervened by the police and her best friend, Shirley Arica, was there, and it was also revealed that they had charged a fee for tickets.

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After learning of the brutal murder of her friend, the model Shirley Arica burst into tears in front of her thousands of followers on her Instagram account.

“You will always be in my heart. This is how I will remind you, you were the only one who had the exact words when you wrote me that message and know how I was feeling … I love you very much, rest in peace my Carlitos, inexplicable what I can feel right now “, wrote Shirley Arica in a photograph he shared of both.

According to Caqui’s statements to the police, Carlos Garay would have been receiving various threats due to debts that he kept with people of strange origin. The amount in question would be 300 thousand soles.

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