Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza threatened to leave for an interview with Magaly Medina so as not to argue with Vanessa López – MAG.

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The singer Carlos Barraza placeholder image, better known as ‘Tomate’, appeared on the program “Magaly TV, la Firma” and spoke about the notarial letter that the mother of his daughter, Vanessa López, sent him for not visiting her baby.

“He has not been going for a month, on Monday or Tuesday I sent him a notarized letter because he made a request for visits and another for food, I do not understand why the request for visits because he has never been prohibited from seeing or being with the baby”, López pointed out in the Magaly Medina program.

Faced with such accusation, Tomate Barraza spoke out and denied that he had not visited his daughter. In addition, he pointed out that he recently underwent a surgical intervention for which he had medical rest.

“I had a surgical intervention on October 4, I have been operated on for a week. I have shown the production the messages that I sent him. I saw my normal daughter. I do not want her to condition me, that is why I have resorted to the judiciary for the visitation regime, answered.

Likewise, Tomate Barraza assured that he did not give Vanessa López the American visa to process her daughter’s visa because she is not yet old enough to travel.

“What she asks me for is my American visa plus my passport to process the passports of the two little ones … I am not the father of her eldest son, she told me that the child’s father does not have an American visa and lives outside the country, in Europe. That is the trigger ”, manifested.

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“A girl who has no conscience, is not yet two years old, does not know who the mouse Micky is … Very apart from the boyfriend, my girl is too young to travel and she is affirming it in an audio”, added.

Finally, he got up from his seat and threatened to leave the set to avoid confrontations with his daughter’s mother. “I’m sorry, Magaly, really excuse me, but I don’t want confrontations”, he said before standing up and saying he was going to leave.

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