Carlos Vílchez says that his partner’s hand request “was a performance” and “it came out cool”

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The last Sunday Carlos Vílchez He surprised everyone by proposing live marriage during a “JB en ATV” sketch to Melva Bravo, who is part of the show’s production team and is his partner; however, he now denies having made the proposition.

In a brief statement offered to the newspaper trome, the comedian indicated that what happened in the program was “A performance, the character did it, but not Carlos Vílchez”. “I ask the public to leave me alone, not to condemn me yet”, he added between laughs.

“That sketch was very funny, everything came out at the time because Melissa Klug pulled Melva and left me cold. But I never take a step back and it came out cool “, commented Carlos Vílchez, who also opened up about his possible marriage plans.

“That Machiavellian plan is not yet being developed, for me it is not a bad thing to get married, but to be married (laughs). I have known Melva for 11 years, she is a woman whom I admire a lot, she is very intelligent, and I am sure that all will come in due course ”, said.

Vílchez, known for his popular character ‘La Carlota’, admitted that when that happens (that he gets married) he will be “a fallen soldier.” “It is our turn, and now we are enjoying a wonderful time together”He spoke about the current state of their relationship.

A few weeks ago, in statements to the same crazy medium, Carlos Vílchez told some details of his relationship with Melva Bravo, with whom he is just over two years old, and admitted that they are consolidating.

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“Every day we are doing much better, I am happy and happy, I have a nice relationship. We are enjoying our days, and I am a person who goes from work to home, very calm, he expressed.

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