“Carmen Martínez-Bordiú Makes a Dazzling Comeback at Las Ventas After a Seven-Month Hiatus”

By: MRT Desk

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Carmen Martínez-Bordiú has made a return to Madrid after spending four years living a quiet life in Portugal with her partner, Australian coach Tim McKeague. The Duchess of Franco’s return to Spain was to attend the San Isidro Fair, a celebrated bullfighting event in Las Ventas. Among the other notable faces in attendance were José Ortega Cano, chef Mario Sandoval and Real Madrid player Nacho Fernández, who is also Alejandro Talavante’s partner in his cattle ranch.

Martínez-Bordiú looked relaxed and smiling as she enjoyed the occasion, dressed casually in an animal print scarf and a beige raincoat. The occasion marked her first public appearance in months since she attended a birthday celebration in October 2020 for Ira de Fürstenberg, and a romantic wedding in June 2021 of Julia Nasi and Carlo Fontana.

In a recent interview with ¡HOLA!, Martínez-Bordiú spoke of her desire to live her life away from the media spotlight. She currently resides in Sintra, Portugal, in a home that boasts stunning views of the Atlantic, a heated pool, and enough space to accommodate her guests.

Martínez-Bordiú has also revealed her love for the sea and the tranquility that comes with living in the historical World Heritage Site. The 70-year-old former socialite hopes to enjoy her retirement with her partner and away from the public eye, fulfilling her greatest desire of living her life as she sees it fit.

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