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Carmen Salinas and her sensual dance that has caused a sensation on social networks | VIDEO – The Trade

At 82 years old, Carmen Salinas placeholder image He surprised his followers after showing that he still maintains his skills in dance. The Mexican recorded a hilarious video dancing in a sensual way with actress Adriana Fonseca.

The actress made social networks explode by dancing to the rhythm of the song “Bomba” by the group Azul Azul. In the images, she appears moving her hips in a sensual way and, even, the skirt is raised a little.

“Doing tik tok with my daughter @AdriFonsecaC, a wonderful actress, woman and friend who I love so much and who also already wears my shirts with memes”Said the also theatrical businesswoman after sharing the funny video on her Twitter account.

“You are a genius, Carmelita”; “The best in the world. I love her, little girl ”; “You’re adorable”; “How cute!”; “I love the enthusiasm of that lady”, and “What a beautiful lady, Carmen Salinas! That’s the attitude”, are some of the comments from users who saw the hilarious video.

The Mexican actress, remembered for her role as Agripina Pérez in “María la del barrio”, continues to surprise with her spontaneity and interest in adapting to new generations, generating content for platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, among others.

Carmen Salinas also spoke about the difficult situation that singer Vicente Fernández is going through, who has been in the intensive care unit for more than two months after suffering a spectacular fall at his ranch located in Guadalajara.

“I feel very sad because he is a great singer and a great partner. (…) He is a great friend of mine and it has hurt me a lot that he is so bad. (…) But, according to God our Lord, he is going to move forward, as many have. I have cried so much for his health “, lament.

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