Carmen Salinas: the family crypt where the actress’s ashes rest

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In the last month of the year 2021, the news of the death of Carmen Salinas placeholder image It saddened Mexico and all of Latin America, where the Mexican actress stole the hearts of viewers with her performances in soap operas. Salinas passed away at age 82 on December 9, after suffering a brain hemorrhage that left her in a coma. His ashes now rest in a chapel of the Spanish Pantheon.

The remains of the comedian and impersonator were at her home for more than two weeks, in an altar set up by her family, but it was on Sunday, December 26, when the ashes of the famous Mexican were transferred to a chapel of the Spanish Pantheon, located in the Mayor Miguel Hidalgo, in Mexico City. The remains of his son, the musician and composer Pedro Plascencia, who died in 1994 at the age of 38, also rest there.

Family and friends of to say goodbye to the actress. In front of the family crypt, an emotional mass was held in his honor, officiated by a priest and lasted about 40 minutes. In the enclosure, the urn with the ashes was placed next to a huge photograph of the also singer and theater producer.

The actress’s daughter, María Eugenia Salinas, and the granddaughter, Carmen Plascencia, read biblical passages before an audience of approximately 20 people. The ceremony was broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of whom she was affectionately called Carmelita.

It should be noted that the relatives of the deceased actress had previously confirmed the decision to take the cremated remains of Salinas with her son to fulfill the request that she had left before her death.

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The remains of the actress were transferred to the Spanish Pantheon, where she will rest with her son, Pedro Plasencia, who lost his life in 1994, months after starting his fight against cancer. When the musician passed away, the actress was devastated and repeatedly mourned his death in front of the media.

Pedro Plasencia was the result of Carmen Salinas’ marriage to the pianist and composer, Pedro Plascencia Ramírez, in 1956.

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