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Carmen Villalobos Reveals Dance Moves in Video by Frederik Oldenburg

The last few months have been emotional for Carmen Villalobos, who has been in a flourishing relationship with Frederik Oldenburg. They have been showcasing their love and moments together on social media, leaving behind her separation with Sebastián Caicedo. The Telemundo Deportes journalist and the presenter of the Tu Música Urbano and “Top Chef VIP” awards started dating in January 2023.

However, the celeb has not been showing herself dancing on social media. Some of her followers have taken this as a ban on her boyfriend. The theory went too far, and one medium even confirmed it. But Carmen Villalobos did not tolerate this and regretted that her words and actions were taken out of context.

The actress questioned the false headlines and said, “take a job, please.” She highlighted the trust that she and Oldenburg maintain and clarified that she is not complaining about content related to her life, but content that creates theories that are not true or taken out of context. The couple has avoided controversy and appears happy and united on social media.

Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg started having a romantic relationship at the end of the recent season of “Exatlón Estados Unidos”. They became closer and took their friendship to a more romantic path. Oldenburg describes December 2022 as the most remembered month because of the tremendous click that happened between him and Carmen Villalobos. They recently celebrated the driver’s birthday in Cartagena.

In conclusion, Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg’s relationship has been smooth and loving. They have avoided controversy and enjoy sharing their best moments on social media.

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