Carnage: Marvel’s most deranged villain!

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Cletus Kasady He is a serial killer who, without superhuman powers, could be considered extremely dangerous. Some point to it as a version of Marvel less clownish than him DC Joker. Imagine the characteristics of this character if it can be compared with the Clown Prince of Crime. Kasady tiene love of slaughter and it is pure anarchy. What if this criminal had special powers?

The story continues with a character known to all: Venom. The symbiote that joined the reporter Eddie Brock, in the cinema personified by the popular Tom Hardy. Everything indicates that the extraterrestrial parasite will have a descendant more powerful than him: ¡Carnage! Este simbionte se une a Cletus Kasady, a human who shares his love for death and chaos.

Carnage is pure chaos!

Carnage has many abilities that make him a villain to fear. He inherited the ability to Spider-Man climbing walls. You can use a substance that emulates the properties of the spider web. Spawns slashing weapons from its limbs and body. He is also endowed with a kind of spider sense that alerts him to impending danger. The villain has great physical stamina and can regenerate his bodily tissues.

At the cinema, Cletus Kasady debuted in the first installment of Venom, during a small cameo at the end of the tape. The character is played by Woody Harrelson who will return in the sequel to the film titled Venom: Let there be Carnage. The villain is expected to make life miserable for Eddie Brock and become a real threat to the original symbiote.

In graphic novels, Carnage first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 361 (1992). The villain was created by the writer David Michelinie and the cartoonist Mark Bagley. The new character had a clear slogan: alter the existence of Spider-Man Y Venom. Even forcing these enemies to form an alliance to stop the deranged Cletus Kasady and his dangerous symbiote!

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