Carol Marlow- Who is He? Relationship and More

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Through today’s article, we wish to brief you about Tony’s first wife, Carol Marlow. You cannot afford to miss out on this article because we have brought you some interesting facts about the couple’s lives. Scroll down till the very end and read the article in full.

  • Who is Carol Marlow?
  • Her relationship with Tony Dow
  • What happened to Carol Marlow after Tony Dow’s death?
  • About Her Children
  • About Her Husband
  • More About Carol Marlow
  • In conclusion 

Who is Carol Marlow?

Carol Marlow is famously known as the first wife of Tony Dao, a very famous sculptor, top actor, and director. One of his most prominent roles was that of volley cleavers’ eldest brother in the long-running TV series called Leave it to Beaver. However, the marriage ended because Carol felt she was growing apart from her husband.

Her relationship with Tony Dow

Tony dow, the world-famous actor who recently passed away when he was 77, had starred in some of the greatest movies of all time and had built a unique and strong identity for himself in the Industry. His exemplary acting skills differentiated him from all others in the same industry.

In the American sitcom Leave It To Beaver, he played the role of a wally. Wally is the teenaged son of 1950s American suburban parents Kama word and June clever he is also an elder brother to the 7-year-old main character called as fever.

Tony Dow got engaged to Carol Marlow in the former half of the 1980s. The couple was happily married for 11 years, after which they had to split for reasons they did not share with the public. The shocking news of Tony’s death was reported on the 27th of July, 2022. The information left the entire public astonished. People could not believe their eyes when they read about this in the newspapers.

Many people wondered what would happen to Tony Dow’s first wife, Carol Marlow, after his death. So what happened to her? Scroll down and find out!

What happened to Carol Marlow after Tony Dow’s death?

When the news of Tony’s passing circulated in the newspapers, Carol Marlow, his ex-wife, became the hot topic of the town. There has been only one instance where Tony Dao talked about his relationship with his former wife. After that incident, both avoided talking about each other in public.

There have been rumors that Carol Marlow decided to start a new life after the divorce. However, there has been no news about her dating any new person. She has been unreachable since the announcement of their divorce, and to the best of our knowledge, she has cut all ties with her former in-laws.

About Her Children

Carol Marlow married Tony Dow on the 14th of June, 1969. The couple soon welcomed a child whom they named Christopher dow. Christopher was born on 26th March 1973. However, unfortunately, the lovebirds filed a divorce in 1980, and both started to keep a low profile after the divorce. 

About her husband

Carol Marlow rose to prominence when she got married to Tony Dow. But who exactly is Tony Dow? Scroll to find out!

Anthony Lee Dow, or simply Tony Dow Was a famous actor, producer, director, and sculptor of America he was majorly renowned for his role in the iconic television sitcom series Leave it to Beaver.

The actor was born in Los Angeles, California, and he was the son of Muriel Virginia, a very famous stunt woman, and John Stevens Dow, a designer and a contractor. While many know Tony Dow for his exemplary acting and producing skills, it may be a surprise that in his youth, the actor had also professionally trained himself in the field of swimming. He was also a diving champion in the junior Olympics. 

As a sculptor, Tony created numerous bronze sculptures. When asked about his work, Tony once mentioned, and we quote, “the figures are abstract and not meant to represent reality, but rather the truth of the interactions as I see and feel them. I find the wood in the hills of Topanga Canyon, and each piece evolves from my subconscious. I produced limited editions of nine drones using the lost wax process from molds of the original burl sculpture.”

After his divorce, he married another woman called Lauren Shulkind. About a decade later, he also confessed to the media that he was suffering from clinical depression. Soon after that, he started to star in self-help videos, for instance, in 1998, beating the Blues. In 2021, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. About a year later, he lost his life.

More About Carol Marlow

Carol Marlowe’s net worth is not known. In fact, most of the information about the lady is not available to the general public, and the only way most people know her is through her ex-husband Tony Dow. Carol loves to live a secluded life and does not like to take home private matters publicly. 

About her physical appearance

Carol Marlow looks like an aged yet beautiful lady. She has this likely wrinkled face and long and beautiful hair. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are deep brown. Her complexion is very fair. On the web, one can find numerous pictures of her and her ex-husband Tony Dow.   She had attended various parties, interviews, and meetings along with Tony where she had been spotted by the media. 

In conclusion

This was all about the biography of Carol Marlow, the ex-wife of Tony daw. Carol had been off the news over the past several years, but she was once again exposed to the limelight after the news of Tony dow’s death hit the newspapers. People were curious about her reaction to her ex-husband’s death. Unfortunately, since the American beauty has remained low-key throughout, we could not make out much about her reaction.

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