Carola Martínez: who is Checo Pérez’s wife

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The mexican pilot, Sergio Pérez, has become one of the best of the Red Bull team. ‘Checo’ is part of the select group of the top 5 paid in Formula 1, a fact that has changed his life, as well as when he married Carola Martínez. Precisely, we will know a little more about the Mexican, who has been the engine in the life of the motorist.

“I am extremely fortunate to have such a good race in Formula 1. It started as a crazy project of a crazy child: calling people at 4 am, without speaking English. I am extremely proud of that child. No matter how crazy your dream sounds, it can definitely be possible. “, said the Czech to ‘For Real’, Red Bull about his present in F1.

The driver is just a few steps below Max Verstappen, who is the leader of the team. The Mexican feels motivated by this great moment, in which his family members and also his wife participate, Carola Martinez, whom he married in 2018.

The 31-year-old motorist has a marital bond with the 25-year-old Mexican, Carola Martinez. The one born in Jalisco is not well known in the media, because before starting her relationship with the pilot she only published photographs with her friends or some trips she made to the interior of Mexico.

In April 2017, the two announced that they were in a romantic relationship. After this event, they were surprised with the news that they were expecting their first baby. The announcement came with a photograph included: Checo Pérez kissing his partner’s belly and the sea witnessing this tender moment.

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In 2018, another surprise came from the couple. Czech and Carola they announced that they were getting married. The marriage was consummated on June 1 of that year.

As a product of their love, they have two children. The first of them is called Sergio Pérez Jr., who was born in December 2017. Two years later, exactly on September 15, 2019, he was born Carlota.

Through her official Instagram account – where she has more than 65 thousand followers – Martínez shares all the moments she lives with her husband, including her F1 victories and the places where she has traveled.

The last few seasons I had been with Racing Point, which was formerly called Force india. What few knew was that Pérez previously worked for Ferrari and McLaren, two of the most important brands in the F1 industry.

Own Czech Pérez He confessed that if he had not been an F1 driver, he wanted to choose another career far removed from the life of an athlete. I would have liked to be a banker or a lawyerThey are professions that generate a lot of adrenaline, just like the stock market. I think they are activities, to a certain extent, similar to motorcycle racing”Says the Guadalajara driver.

Like most figures in the world of sports, Pérez had an idol, despite the fact that he is not in the same category. In the case of the Mexican, he was the attacker of the Chilean team, Ivan Zamorano. The motorist sums it up like this: “When I started kart racing, Iván Zamorano played for Club América. He was my idol and he wore number 11 … “.

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As well as some famous soccer players, movie stars and more, the Czech Pérez has its own charity. This is called the Checo Pérez Foundation, which helps vulnerable populations, especially children. “It’s great, because I can help people less privileged than me. We have done a lot over the years. There was a big earthquake three years ago and we were able to give houses to those who had lost them “said the pilot.

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