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Carole Middleton's Wimbledon Look Shows She's Kate's and Charlotte's Style Icon

Carole Middleton’s Wimbledon Look Shows She’s Kate’s and Charlotte’s Style Icon

Attending Wimbledon has long been a cherished tradition for the Middleton family, dating back to when Catherine, Princess of Wales, was just a girl. During one of the days at Wimbledon 2023, Kate Middleton fondly recalled arriving at the tennis grounds with her sister, Pippa Middleton, and their father, Michael Middleton. Reflecting on those early mornings, she said, “We would be there at the crack of dawn, maybe not overnight but at the crack of dawn” (via Hello!).

It’s evident that Michael and Carole Middleton played a significant role in fostering Kate’s interest in tennis. Royal expert and author Ingrid Seward noted that Carole, in particular, was instrumental in motivating Kate to excel in various activities, including sports. Seward mentioned, “She learnt the piano, her father taught her to play tennis to a high standard. All these skills came because her ambitious mother encouraged her to learn them. There’s nothing she can’t turn her hand to” (via Express).

In the documentary “Our Wimbledon,” Kate reminisced about her childhood experiences watching Wimbledon with her family, which sparked her enthusiasm for tennis. “Every time Wimbledon’s on I’m there thinking, ‘Yes, I could do the same!’ Get out the racquet, sadly never the, never the same results,” she said with a laugh. Although Kate may not be competing on the Wimbledon courts, it’s clear the event holds a special place in her heart, filled with happy memories.

Source: Hello!, Express