Carolina Betancourt, the actress of “Without breasts there is no paradise” who today sells houses in Miami

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The American soap opera that caused a sensation in 2008 was “Without breasts, there is no paradise“, A new version of the Colombian series”Without breasts there is no paradise”Based on the homonymous novel written by Gustavo Bolivar. The plot of the program revolves around Catalina Santana, a young woman who for having the body of her dreams and getting out of poverty immerses herself in the world of prostitution and drug trafficking, under the guidance of her group of friends who called themselves “The girls of the neighborhood.”

Precisely one of the women who belongs to the team of sex workers led by Jessica Beltrán is Vanessa, who was played by the Bogota woman Carolina Betancourt. This female attended all the events organized by big gangsters to exchange their services for a lot of money that apparently allowed her to give herself a better life.

The novel produced por RTI Television for Telemundo had in its cast great actors and other young talents that were hardly known, that is the case of Betancourt, who later worked in “The Queen of the South”. Did you continue in acting? What do you currently do? Discover everything in the following lines.

After passing through the small screen, the Colombian actress decided to change the course of her life and moved to Miami, where she has established her small family. Betancourt took a step aside from acting to train as real estate agent in the United States, currently employed. The Bogota woman shared all the details of this new stage on her YouTube channel, where she plans to create content related to her work.

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With three years of experience supporting her ability in the business, Carolina took a professional leap by joining a company of global stature. This new facet has her very excited and hopes to help those who wish to acquire a property:

“Many of the people already know me as an actress, as a model, as a presenter, but now I am working as a real estate agent here in Florida. I am currently living here in the City of Miami, so all the people who are interested in buying their house here in Miami let me know, I will be here to help them ”.

Despite having enjoyed his time in the telenovela and maintaining a close friendship with his companions, Betancourt could not be part of the successful saga of “Without breasts if there is paradise”Because of his busy schedule.

“Due to commitments I could not be on this occasion, but thank you very much for so much affection, for so much love, for remembering Vanessa when I did it in Sin breasts no paradise. For me it is very gratifying to know that they liked my character ”, he pointed out in this regard in 2017 in his account of Instagram.

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