Carolina Cerezuela and Carlos Moyá: 12 Years of Blissful Marriage, Celebrating with Their Beloved Children in Beautiful Ibiza

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And knowing that whatever happens will happen to you.

With this phrase, which does not need interpretations, Carolina began one of her most magical summers.

Immersed in her musical career, the actress has cleared her schedule to spend a few days off in Ibiza with the great love of her life, the tennis player Carlos Moya, with whom she has just celebrated her 12th birthday, and their children: Carla, who will be thirteen years in August; Carlos, ten; and little Daniela, who is now nine.

Carolina Cerezuela and Carlos Moyá with their son Carlos – Carolina Cerezuela speaks like never before about her family life: “My children found out at school that their father had been to the Olympic Games” – Carolina Cerezuela and her mother reveal to us the secrets of their eternal youth: treatments, antioxidants, accessories…

Happy and very much in love, the couple, who began their journey together fifteen years ago when they were introduced by a mutual friend, have left to see in the company of her little ones, who are no longer so little, enjoying an entertaining day at the beach, with which they kicked off their vacation.

Carolina Cerezuela with her children Carla and Carlos

The precious images of the couple not only show Carolina wasting complicity with her husband, who hugs her gently by the shoulders, but also with her two eldest children Carla and Carlos, who has inherited her mother’s precious golden hair and with in which the actress shared a fun walk along the seashore.

“The image with which I define myself the most is that of the mother duck with her chicks behind. I like having my children close, it’s my need” Carolina Cerezuela confessed last May to the magazine HOLA! and these photographs give a good account of it. In addition, on that occasion, the singer revealed to us that all her children played some instrument, but each one of them had different interests.

“Carla is interested in acting and the world of fashion. I understand that she is that awakening of adolescence, because she is going to be thirteen years old. Daniela wants to be a basketball player and a doctor and Carlitos, a tennis player” declared Carolina.

Carolina Cerezuela in the recording studio – Carolina Cerezuela’s happiness upon receiving the Mallorquina del Verano 2022 award

The last joy that Carolina has taken Cerezuela in a full year

Regarding the balance she made of her marriage, Cerezuela confessed to being a woman completely in love.

‘Moyita’ never ceases to amaze me. He is a very complete man: he gives me laughter, love, stability… Above all, we have a total and inviolable priority: children. The family is like a bunker the singer affirmed to ¡HELLO!.

“What I like the most about him is his tempo. He is calm, he puts everything into perspective and he knows how to value things. In addition, with him I have learned to say no and to have patience. Before he had almost “added the actress.

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