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Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Vacation Photos With Her Family

Between her grueling touring schedule and Las Vegas residency, Carrie Underwood is certainly at the peak of her career and showing no signs of slowing down.

Recently, Underwood had a rare three-week break from live performances. She took this opportunity to enjoy some much-needed family time, surprising many by choosing an unexpected venue for their outing.

The Grammy Award winner, her husband Mike Fisher, and their two sons, Jacob and Isaiah, spent a delightful day at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

In her latest Instagram post, Underwood shared a glimpse into their family vacation, offering fans a rare look at her children and detailing the fun-filled activities of their day.

According to her post, Hershey Park certainly made an impression. Underwood expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt caption under a series of photos from their day at the park.

Underwood wrote, “Had a day off with the fam in PA today, so we popped down to @hersheypark for some rides, fun and food! The boys had SUCH a BLAST!!!”

She continued, “They took such great care of us… and after the park, we went over to #ChocolateWorld to make our own #Hershey bars, learn about making chocolate and drink some milkshakes. I cannot be more impressed with the staff of both places!!! This will DEFINITELY be on our list of places to come back to! Thanks #HersheyPark and @hersheyschocolateworld for making our family time special!”

One might wonder how Underwood manages to indulge in milkshakes and chocolates while maintaining her fitness. Perhaps one day, she’ll share her secret.

It seems 8-year-old Isaiah and 5-year-old Jacob thoroughly enjoyed their time at the chocolate-themed amusement park. With such a memorable experience, the Underwood-Fisher family may very well return next time they’re in the area with a day off.

Source: Taste of Country Nights