Carrying a Loaded Weapon without a Permit Now Legal: Florida

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In the wake of another school shooting in Nashville and the escalating violence in the United States, the Florida Legislature passed a new law permitting people to carry a concealed loaded weapon without obtaining a permit from the state. The bill is now set to go before Governor Ron DeSantis, who has expressed support and is expected to sign it into law.

Before the passing of this new law, those who wished to carry a concealed weapon in public needed to have obtained a license from the state after completing certain requirements, such as undergoing a background check and firearms training. However, the new legislation removes the need for such requirements.

Despite this, individuals who are prohibited by other Florida laws from buying or carrying weapons will still be unable to do so. Under the new bill, individuals will only need to provide valid identification when carrying a concealed weapon. The failure to do so may result in a $25 fine.

If Governor DeSantis signs the bill, Florida will join the other 25 states in the United States that permit individuals to carry concealed loaded weapons without obtaining a permit. The Governor has championed constitutional carry, stating that a constitutional right should not require permission from the government.

As things stand, one can only hope that Florida’s new law will not lead to further instances of gun violence.

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