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Cartoon Network’s Most Iconic Show Returns to TV

What a Cartoon!, one of the most influential shows in Cartoon Network’s history, is making its way back to TV as part of Adult Swim’s Checkered Past nostalgia block!

Checkered Past has been a successful venture for Adult Swim, airing reruns of beloved Cartoon Network series like Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and others. Over the past few months, there have been some changes in the schedule, and one of the biggest shake-ups is set to occur later this month with the return of What a Cartoon!.

What a Cartoon! was a unique pilot program produced by Hanna-Barbera with the aim of creating numerous original shows by various creators for the then-fledgling Cartoon Network. This initiative led to the creation of iconic franchises such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and The Powerpuff Girls, which became some of the most successful shows in Cartoon Network’s history. According to new listings, these pilots will be making their way back to TV later this July.

According to new listings spotted by @Swimpedia on X, What a Cartoon! will air on Adult Swim’s Checkered Past block starting July 29th, featuring the first five pilots from the series beginning at 6:00PM. While these listings might change, as neither Cartoon Network nor Adult Swim has officially promoted them, here is the current breakdown for the initial What a Cartoon! episodes:

  • 6:00PM ET – Pizza Boy: No Tip – Pizza Boy tries to deliver a pizza to the Arctic Circle in five minutes to get a big tip. He encounters numerous obstacles, including being thrown out of a plane.
  • 6:10PM ET – Help? – After Jof injures his finger while sewing, his trip to the hospital takes him through a maze of quirky doctors and dubious examinations.
  • 6:20PM ET – Buy One, Get One Free – Reilly gets a cat named Flinch to impress a female cat lover named Sofie, and threatens to send the cat to a violin factory if there is a scratch on anything while he’s away.
  • 6:30PM ET – Yuckie Duck: I’m on My Way – Yuckie Duck works as a paramedic but does more harm than good to his patients.
  • 6:40PM ET – Larry & Steve – Steve, a homeless dog, is adopted by Larry (the only man who understands dog), leading to many disasters during their shopping trips. This short eventually laid the groundwork for Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.

As of now, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have not confirmed the return of What a Cartoon!, but if these respective shorts have been restored for modern broadcasts, it could be a significant event for nostalgic fans and newcomers alike.

Source: Swimpedia on X