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Where Is Casey Anthony Now? Sneak Peek Into Her Life After Caylee’s Death

The heartbreaking aspects of Casey Anthony’s infamous murder trial continue to enrage true-crime aficionados. But, now that Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Anthony, has been missing and presumed dead for almost a decade, the 35-year-old is attempting to live a regular life. Continue reading to learn more about Anthony’s current activities.

Where is Casey Anthony’s now?

“Casey is publishing a full and definitive narrative of her life and the sorrow of losing Caylee and everything that followed,” a source told In Touch exclusively in March 2020. She had already finished three chapters at the time. “She recognizes that the book will be divisive and that no matter what she does, she will be criticized, but she also believes she has a unique story to tell.” Nobody else has experienced it, thus no one else can tell you about it,” the insider said.

What does Casey do for a living?

Anthony attempted to start her own photography business in 2016, in addition to working as a researcher. She set up a Twitter account for her business, Case Photography LLC, but it was quickly deactivated when she received fewer photo requests and more questions about the trial. Anthony opened a private investigative agency in Florida in December 2020. According to records obtained by The Daily Mail, paperwork for a new firm called “Case Research & Consulting Services LLC” was filed with the Florida Division of Corporation on December 14 under her name.

Although some stories claim Anthony wants to look into the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. Anthony wishes to assist those who are facing major legal issues.

Is she in contact with her parents at all?

Casey’s relationship with his parents, George and Cindy Anthony, has been tumultuous and is still changing. According to recent accounts, Casey communicates with her mother, Cindy, but not with her father, George. George was critically injured in a car accident in Florida in November 2018, and Casey apparently had no plans to contact him. In a January 2019 TV appearance, George said that Casey had contacted him after his injury to see how he was doing. He also expressed a desire to repair his relationship with his daughter by telling her, “I forgive her.”

Is she in touch with any of her former friends?

None of the people who stayed with Casey before Caylee went missing, according to her roommate Cameron Campana, 31, still speak to her. The last time he saw Casey was in court during her May 2011 trial, he says A&E True Crime. “Nobody has heard from her since she was detained,” says Campana, who was staying in an Orlando apartment with three fellow Full Sail University music-business students at the time, including Casey’s boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro. Caylee vanished a few months after Casey moved in with them. “We were just four guys going to college, and then all of a sudden we were in the biggest case since O.J.,” says Campana, who now resides in Cleveland and claims he keeps in touch with his roommates on a regular basis.

Casey is back on the dating scene and having a good time

Anthony was sighted for the first time in 2019 after years of attempting to stay out of the spotlight. According to a separate person close to Anthony, “she believes she has completed her penance.” “And now she’s having a good time.” She’s out on the town dating, meeting new people, and finally starting to build a social life.” Despite Anthony’s attempts to socialize, she isn’t ready to “settle down.” Anthony started dating a man a few years ago, but things didn’t work out, according to the insider, who added, “That’s not what she’s looking for now.”

Anthony is working on a book about Caylee’s life and the tragedy that surrounded her

A source told In Touch in March 2020 that Casey was working on a memoir about her life. According to the source, Casey was aware that the book would be divisive, but she wanted to share her thoughts on the case. “No one else has experienced it.” “No one else will be able to tell,” the person explained. However, it seems unlikely that the film will ever be released. “The Coronavirus became a phenomenon, and it halted the film’s progress.” A source told People, “It’s effectively dead.”

Casey Anthony is around a run-in with the cops

Casey Anthony found herself on the wrong side of the law once more in January 2020. The New York Post would not have covered Casey’s speeding offense in West Palm Beach if she were any other citizen. Casey admitted to exceeding the speed limit by nineteen miles per hour and pled guilty to her offense. Her wild trip in her Ford Escape resulted in a fine of $256.

Casey’s long-awaited film about Caylee’s disappearance was expected to be released in 2020.

Casey’s side of the tale would be told in the film As I Was Told. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the film is currently in pre-production, and reports indicate that it will be a low-budget feature. Casey, on the other hand, speculated that the film will have sex scenes, which could persuade people to see it if it ever comes out. Casey’s life before and after Caylee’s death should be included in the film. Casey was known to have multiple amorous experiences during her carefree days, therefore the purported sex scenes are most likely from before Caylee.

Casey wishes to have more children

“She was like ‘no way for a long time,” a third insider told People in October 2018 about having more children. “However, the time has changed her mind, and she’s now receptive to it in a manner she wasn’t previously.” Casey’s father, George Anthony, on the other hand, said that the concept made him anxious. “Now that she has the possibility of becoming a mother again, I hope she performs better this time than she did the first time.”

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